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Quantum computing software company

Southeast Asia’s fastest growing property platform.

American Well offers telemedicine solutions to improve people’s access to quality care.

BIMA is a leading digital microinsurer utilizing mobile technology to serve low-income customers in emerging markets.

C2FO is the world’s first working capital marketplace.

Clark is a leading European digital insurance broker.

The world’s first Active Insurance company designed to prevent digital risk before it strikes


ControlExpert is a leading technology-driven automotive claims processing company.

Leading global data provider of ESG metrics.

Finanzen.de is a leading B2B leads marketplace in Europe.

The world’s first B2B payments and credit platform.

Indonesian on-demand service provider

SaaS company whose solutions estimate and manage automotive insurance claims, as well as maintenance and mechanical breakdowns.

Health app that offers telehealth, laboratory and presecreption services.

HeavenHR is a HR management platform for small and medium enterprises.

heycar is the fastest growing platform for quality used cars in the European automotive industry.

Innovation Group is a global leading InsurTech business that delivers transformation expertise and revolutionary solutions to help managing millions of claims each year.

Lemonade Insurance Company is a licensed insurance carrier, offering homeowners and renters insurance powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics.


N26 is a pan-European Mobile Bank for the smartphone. N26 has redesigned banking to make it simple, fast and contemporary.

Nauto is an artificial intelligence-powered automotive technology system that makes fleets drive safer and smarter today, and is informing future autonomous vehicle development.

NEXT Insurance is transforming small business insurance with simple, digital, and affordable coverage tailored to the self-employed.

Derivatives analytics firm helping to drive trading and treasury costs down

Pie Insurance is modernizing small business insurance

Platform bringing together entrepreneurs to innovate the next generation of asset management, wealth management, and SMB banking.

SafeBoda is an African ride-hailing and financial services platform.


Digital service platform provider with a unique architecture.


simplesurance is a platform for simple access to insurance. The company has found innovative and digital distribution channels for insurance.

Stripe is increasing the GDP of the internet.


Urgent.ly is a digital platform for on-demand roadside assistance services.


Wayhome revolutionizes the real estate market by helping customers to buy homes without a mortgage.
Financial roboadvisor that combines cutting-edge technology and a human touch.


WeLab is a leading provider of online lending and digital banking solutions in China and Southeast Asia.